Everyone regrets something in life… A friend asked me WHY? Why should you regret something that made you who you are today.
        The conclusion is as simple as those quotes from bestsellers “Life is too short to think back…bla bla “. It’s true, life is short and we encounter so many obstacles that we forget that we only have one not nine like cats 🙂 .
        A recent study shows from the experience of a nurse, that most people close to death thought about not loveing enough, working to hard for no real results and not keeping in touch with friends.
        So let us all remember why we are here today…to love, fight, feel, make memoryes…in simple words to LIVE LIFE, not to make a life.

….thoughts of a madman in the middle of the night 🙂




           Love….well where to start 😛 Everyone is familiar with the word but what about the feeling? All I can tell is that for everybody it’s something else, but words are simple tools to describe such an emotion. Examples I think are the better choice here, like : lack of reason, lack of air when you are apart, lack of fear and lack of limits. Everything is possible and you feel so accomplished when in love, but in real life few of us get to taste the real thing and what is sadder is that even fewer get to share that feeling for a lifetime. Like in the picture above the heart drawn in the sand will be eventually washed away by the sea…


            Beyond every camera lies a picture who may or may not express 1000 words…that depends on the photographer. I think that almost any picture taken wishes to express a certain feeling. I was trekking through Apuseni Mountains in Romania when this landscape came across my eyes. You could finally understand how an eagle sees things, nothing escapes its sight…


I’m trying to improve my Photoshop skills so I have made some wallpapers. Hope you like them 😛



          The moon is the only natural satellite of our planet Earth and in every night with a full moon I think it is the most beautiful thing in the sky. After all the years that people have seen it, photograph it, step on it 🙂 , it still invokes all kind of feelings like loneliness, fear, mystery and serenity. Of course if you look too much at it you will become a werewolf 😀 … just kidding 😛

Rodnei Mountains

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If you ever want to visit a place that looks from another time then Rodnei Mountains from Romania is one of them.

You can find here a beautiful steam train that still works that will take you through the mountains in a journey that seems pulled out from a fairy tale 😀

The views here are spectacular and the people are nice too.


Photography is the main reason I started to blog. It allows you to share places, objects and people with the world. Obviously from the picture you understand that my other passion and inspiration is speed 😀 I think doing what you really love gives you a desire to share that feeling or joy with anyone 😛